Everyday cleaning - Choosing the right tools

Scrub Daddy Grill

Cleaning the household is one of numerous tasks we encounter on a daily basis. Just like any job, the right tools will determine how quickly and efficiently we can achieve a clean and organized home. Scrub Daddy is just the partner to help you achieve these goals.

Scrub Daddy

The Scrub Daddy is the original product from the Scrub Daddy Family. Having been featured on Shark Tank, its signature FlexTexture material is soft in lukewarm water and firm in cold water. In its soft state, it can tackle common articles such as food stains while in its firm state, it can address harder debris such as hard water marks.  Its scratch free and odor free properties make it an easy to use tool all around the household.

Best to use on:

Overall household including the bathroom, kitchen, and outdoor cleaning.

Scrub Mommy

The Scrub Mommy was designed with the Original FlexTexture Material, which holds the same properties such its ability to change texture based on water temperature as well as being scratch and odor free. The Scrub Mommy adds a new dimension to cleaning by being dual sided. The second side is a sponge made of reso-foam with the ability to lathe, saving you on soap. It stays soft, resists stains and odors, rinses clean, and is super absorbant. 

Best to use on: 

Spills, railings, appliances, dishwashing, countertops, baby items

Eraser Daddy 10x

Introducing your go to household eraser! It’s the best tool to refresh the surfaces around your home by removing marks caused by color-transfer and contact dirt. It also has a FlexTexture side that changes based on the temperature to wipe away tough surface debris. The water activated PowErase side can be used for spot cleaning to wipe away marks, finger prints, and art time accidents with just water!

Best to use on:

Scuffed baseboards, smudged railings, door frames, marked walls, and  white sneaker gums.

Sponge Daddy

The dual sided sponge that delivers extraordinary performance! The cousin of the Scrub Mommy, it is dual sided with FlexTexture on one side and Resofoam on the other. Shaped like a traditional sponge, it can clean hard to reach areas with ease. It also comes in a pack of 3 in assorted colors, making it easy to avoid cross-contact contamination.

Best to use on:

Narrow glasses, appliances, dishes, nooks and crannies.

Scour Daddy


It’s the traditional Scour Pad reimagined! It is stronger, thicker, and more absorbent than traditional scour pads. Wrapped with a durable armor tech mesh, it is able to power through stuck-on stains. Through its FlexTexture technology, it still maintains Scrub Daddy’s original technology to change texture based on its temperature. It also rinses clean after use and resists odors. 

Best to use on:

Heavy cooking equipment, Baking equipment, etc

At the end of the day, choosing the right tool helps in making our day to day cleaning tasks easier. By introducing new and exciting products in different colors and shapes, Scrub Daddy tries to make cleaning easier to bring a smile on your face. Explore Scrub Daddy Philippines full line of products here! :)