Cleaning: The Art to Less Stress and Happiness


The best methods to manage stress and uplift one's mood are sometimes the most common tasks. Mundane activities such as cleaning can actually be a stress reliever for the different occasions as it creates a sense of calm.

Have you ever been in a messy home? When we see disorganized spaces, we sometimes feel anxious and uneasy. This is due to the fact that clutter provides excessive visual, olfactory, and tactile stimulation, which make our senses work overtime on stimuli that are not important. When something is untidy, it makes it difficult to relax. How can you relax in an environment that is in itself dysfunctional? Being in a messy environment distracts us by drawing attention from what truly matters.

The first step in cleaning consistently is the mindset of thinking that it is more than just a chore. It is something that we get to do for ourselves and our loved ones to feel good. Through cleaning, we can create order and calm. Best of all, when we're done we can have a feeling of accomplishment. Understand now? If you want to start indulging in this lifestyle that can lead to less stress and happiness, try some tasks that allow for an easy, organized and gratified home:

Make your bed:


Every day before you leave the house make sure your bed is made. It is a simple and mundane task, but is a common training tool used by Navy SEALs during their training. Have you ever though about the sense of pride of accomplishing a task? Well, by making your bed you just accomplished the first task of the day. Now that you made your bed, you might as well start pick up all your clothes off the floor. Now that you've picked up all the clothes off the floor, you might as well, go for a run and start training for a marathon (okay, maybe I'm pushing it!).The point is making your bed at the start of the day will lead to many tasks completed. Little things in life matter and not doing the little things means never doing the big things right. At the very least even if everything goes wrong in the day, you will have a made bed, which will be a reminder that tomorrow will be better!

Tidy Up for a Loved One:


A clean space brings joy to the people in it. Cleaning for someone else is a way to say "I Love You" to someone without placing something in a box and wrapping it with a bow. You can clean any space: the living area where the family comes together, the kitchen where healthy meals are cooked, the bedroom where family members relax, the bathroom, or even the outdoor space and I'm sure you will bring joy to those special people in your life, which in turn will bring you happiness as well. For the versatility in cleaning all types of surfaces, you can use the Scrub Daddy Sponge. With its FlexTexture material, it can be used on many different surfaces whether you need it hard or soft.

Take 5 Minutes to Declutter:


When work piles up, it is always important to take a breather. If anything ever feels overwhelming, take a look at your surroundings and see if there is anything that can be decluttered. Dirty dishes? Start scrubbing them. You can use Scour Daddy that easily removes food stains. Work station full of papers? Look through what you don't need and throw them away. See dust? A good way to remove them is to use Scrub Daddy.

Clutter is not only physical, but also mental. When there are too many things on our mind, the best thing to do is step away and do something else. It's a strange phenomenon, but tidying our surroundings, tidies our minds as well. Take a few minutes out of what you're doing and refresh your mind to be more productive in whatever you do!


At the end of the day, each of these tasks are small, but little acts of cleanliness can have a big impact on your mood. The most important thing is to make sure to take action and make cleaning a habit. Feel happier and more productive by tidying up and cleaning to make it a part of your every day.

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