How to clean the white sneaker - A tutorial

White Sneakers

White sneakers are a common staple in everyone’s fashion wardrobe. They look exceptional in casual wear, giving one that sleek look that aims to impress. A common problem, however, is that after a few wears they tend to accumulate dirt quickly, which can not only affect the appeal of one’s outfit, but also make it less durable over a period of time

Maintaining the cleanliness of one’s sneakers is no easy task. Specialty sneaker shops charge a lump sum to be able to “restore” your sneakers back to bright and white again which could be costly over the long run. Luckily, with proper maintenance and our signature tips, you may have a chance to save not only some money, but your overall day to day outfit.

The secret to keeping white sneakers clean in an affordable way can actually be found in a cleaning-supply aisle. The “Magic Eraser” is a cleaning agent used to clean walls and restore them back to its pristine condition; however, did you know you can use them for your shoes too? Our favorite is the Eraser Daddy 10x with Scrubbing Gems because unlike other magic erasers, they last 10x longer. We offer a step by step guide in utilizing one of Scrub Daddy’s most powerful tool for your wardrobe staple.

Some Tips Before We Get Started

Here are a few simple ways to improve your cleaning habits:

Clean up regularly. Keeping consistent makes this chore go faster and helps to prevent germ buildup. We recommend to clean your sneakers on a weekly basis to avoid difficulty scrubbing before the dirt has accumulated.

Prevent condensation and moisture. Excess moisture caused by the humid weather can cause your sneakers to break down faster and for molds to develop. We recommend putting in a cool dry space with some silicone gel to absorb moisture within the area.

Deodorize. Keeping your sneakers clean also means allowing them to breathe and get rid of unwanted food odor. Shoe odor balls or foot spray is an easy but simple solution for easy deodorization.

Gather Supplies:

In order to clean your shoes you will need:

  1. Brush
  2. Scrub Daddy Eraser Daddy 10x
  3. New Laces (Optional)
  4. New Shoepad (Optional)
  5. Bowl with Water

  • First thing, take out the laces and use your brush to take all of the loose dirt off. (You may use our Scrub Daddy Original or Colors to also do this step)
  • Dip your Scrub Daddy Magic Eraser in the bowl of water and wait for the white side to soften. Vigorously scrub through all parts of the sneaker including the tongue, soles, and sides. Use its colored FlexTexture side to wipe off hard debris. Be generous with the scrubbing and be amazed with the results.
  • Let the sneakers dry and change laces and shoe pads and your sneakers will be as good as new!

WARNING:Avoid accidental damage or personal injury! Do not use Eraser Daddy on your body or skin, which will cause abrasions. Keep out of reach of children and pets to prevent ingestion. Always test a small inconspicuous area first as PowErase side can damage some surfaces. Do not use on leather!