Introducing the Miracle Cleaner - The Pink Stuff!

Scrub Daddy and Pink Stuff

People have been asking us for a product to go with Scrub Daddy when taking care of stains, greases, and messes. Look no further with the Miracle Cleaner - The Pink Stuff! This is a great product to go with Scrub Daddy's non-scratch, non smell, and ergonomic designs when taking care of tough stains in the house or in the office. 

What is Pink Stuff?

The Pink Stuff is a product made by the UK company Star Brands that focuses on creating quality products to keep the home and office clean at an affordable price. Perfect for hard surfaces with the strength to penetrate and remove grease and grime to leave shiny clean results. Made of 100% natural cleaning particles, the Pink Stuff is perfect for tiles, outdoor furniture, cookers, sinks, or paintwork.

We have brought in three different product offerings for your cleaning needs: the Oxi Stain Fabric Remover, the Cream Cleaner, and the Cleaning Paste.


Oxi Stain Remover

Tough on Stains and Gentle on Fabrics

Cream cleaner

Versatile cream cleaner that is tough on stains and penetrates and removes grease and grime.

Cleaning Paste

Gentle on surfaces, but tough on stains. 

How does it work?

To use the Pink Stuff, apply it to surfaces using a soft cloth or sponge and, after rubbing it over the stained part of the surface, let it sit for 2-3 minutes and it can be rinsed off with cold water. To complete the cleaning process, you'll then need to polish the surface with a clean, dry cloth.

Choosing the right stuff!

Oxi Stain Remover - Made specifically for fabric products such as clothes and bedding. The Oxi Stain Remover is great to use on removing food stains from your favorite shirt or from removing spots on your bed sheets from accidents.

Cream Cleaner - This product is best for surfaces such as sinks, counter tops, ovens, and windows. As the cream cleaner is the liquid version of the Pink Stuff Paste, it is best use on surfaces that are not prone to scratching or from surfaces that are softer.

Cleaning Paste - The product is best for deep cleaning and removing rust and grout. Ideal for harder surfaces such as saucepans, barbecues, ceramic tiles, glass, rust, sinks, PVC, garden furniture, paintwork, boats, cooker tops, copper and much more.

Why the Pink Stuff?

The Pink Stuff is easy to apply and use, while efficiently removing dirt and marks from a variety of surfaces. Living up to its name as the miracle cleaner, the product works well on a range of surfaces, which means you won't have to buy as many cleaning products in the future.

Pink Stuff Before and After


See the photos of the Pink Stuff doing wonders for our customers. Try it for yourself and see the results. Share your results on Instagram and tag us at @thepinkstuffph and @scrubdaddyph

**The Pink Stuff is mildly abrasive and should be used with care. If unsure about usage, always test on an inconspicuous area first. Apply using a soft cloth or sponge and rub gently before rinsing with clean water. Polish with a clean dry cloth.

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