The Everyday Uses of Scrub Daddy

The beauty of Scrub Daddy is that the original yellow sponge made of FlexTexture can be used everywhere to make your everyday cleaning life easier. He can be used not only in the kitchen (like other traditional sponges), but also in the bathroom, garage, and even your car! See below for the best uses of the versatile little scrubber!

Soap Scum:

Have you ever seen the white or gray filmy layer that forms at the bath, sink, or shower doors? This is soap scum that results from the combination of calcium and magnesium particles with water over a period of time. The Scrub Daddy, in its firm state, can break down these deposits by scrubbing thoroughly on applied areas. (Note that soap scum that has accumulated over time may need a cleaning paste and/or cleaning agent to assist in removal).

Lime Scale:

Similar to soap scum, lime scale is calcium carbonate that accumulates when hot water has evaporated constantly over time in areas such as kettles, hot water boilers or shower heads. Scrub Daddy’s is able to breaks down the chalky deposit that forms through vigorous scrubbing. (Note that lime scale that has accumulated over time may need a cleaning paste and/or cleaning agent to assist in removal). 


Use Scrub Daddy to clean your vegetables by getting dirt and grime off your food. Just soak in water and use the FlexTexture material to scrub clean. The Scrub Daddy’s material is so sharp that it can peel off the skin of vegetables like potatoes and carrots, avoiding those unnecessary cuts!

Glue Residue:

If you’ve ever had any kids who do art work or if you’ve just been channeling your inner DIY in the house, you can relate to having unwanted glue residue stuck on work areas. Using Scrub Daddy allows you to remove this easily as the FlexTexture material is designed to be safe on surfaces like wood, glass, stainless steel and vinyl. 

Metal Fixtures:

Scrub Daddy’s ResoFoam material is gentle on metal surfaces, giving you that comfort that it won’t whiten or ruin your interiors. It can be used to shine door knobs and light switches to give them a new sparkle!


Has your windshield accumulated mineral deposits from rain or unwanted bird poop? Alloys on your car tires looking a little dull? Thankfully, Scrub Daddy is here! Scrub Daddy’s FlexTexture does not scratch the top coat of your car’s exterior or glass. It is safe to use on such surfaces with just water, even allowing alloys on your car tires to shine! 


Scrub Daddy has more power than a traditional cloth, which makes it easier to remove tile grout, unwanted dirt that accumulated for long periods of time, and spills!

Toilet Hinges:

Dust, dirt, and grime easily gather on toilet hinges, which make it unsanitary over time! Scrub Daddy can help sparkle those top grade faucets, shower hinges and even your favorite tissue holder in an instant!


No matter what the task, Scrub Daddy’s unique material makes it safe on surfaces and its unique shape allows it to clean hard to reach areas. Pick up your own Scrub Daddy tool to brighten up your home beyond the kitchen.